Who benefits from a Hydronic Heating Appliance?

  • Our “Appliance Advantage” is beneficial to any trade or end-user, and not limited to:
  • Fuel Dealers, Plumbers & Heating Contractors – A proven performance & service package, available “on demand” – no stock on hand, less time on the job. Customer satisfaction.
  • Building Contractors – A performance package, delivered & installed to a short interval schedule. Very competitively priced, it requires lower trade skills and content to complete a heating system installation.
  • DIY’s (Do-IT-Yourselfers) – Our package “takes all the fun out of it”.  No complex control wiring, piping and system layout.  Just finish connections to your current utilities, fill with water and fire per our Planning & Installation Guide.  Price and Performance!
  • You, the Customer – Whether you have the DIY skills required or not, by specifying our heating appliance you know precisely what you are getting.  No lesser, prior generation products poorly installed or priced to sell!  Compare our specifications with others, then solicit your completed installation quotes, as necessary.

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