Just what is a “Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance (TM)”?

By definition a Hydronic FHW (Forced Hot Water) Heating Appliance fully integrates a boiler, hydronic distribution and controls into a pre-built, free-standing product. The “heart” is a dedicated, variable speed, “smart” circulator along with the boiler control (aquastat) that combine to generate and distribute heating water very efficiently.

This “smart” circulator continuously regulates heat distribution by maintaining the ideal temperature differential between hot water going to and from your radiation under all conditions. Liken it to having an “automatic transmission” on your boiler as in your car. The more power (heat) you need, step on the gas. Need less, let up on the gas ….. that simple!

Circulation is further managed by the latest high efficiency, low energy ball valves. The manufacturer, Taco Comfort Solutions® publishes that their Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution System dramatically reduces system electrical power requirements  by up to 85% while further reducing your fuel consumption by up to 15%. We actually do even better than this by optimizing natural (gravity) hydronic convection within our appliance, thus the naming.

The result is Simple, Durable and Efficient heating ….. Period!  Follow this link to a more in-depth description.

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