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The Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance™ (NG/LP)

All of our Appliances feature interchangeable #2 Oil, Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) Combustion.


  • A modular, pre-built, free-standing Hydronic (FHW) Gas Heating Appliance for efficient “on demand” builds or upgrades!
  • Built on the rock solid Weil-McLain® UO Series Commercial-Rated, Triple-Pass, “High-Mass” Cast Iron Boilers.  “Weils” have  been the finest American-Built Boilers for generations and are the industry “Heavyweight Champions”, by far.
  • A Beckett CG4 or Carlin EZ-PRO Gas (NG or LP) Burner is available with guaranteed performance.
  • Our Appliance features interchangeable burner mounting. To change the fuel, change the burner only ….. not the system!
  • Taco® “Delta-T” (ΔT) ECM Hydronic Distribution Technology optimizes hydronic performance while reducing electrical consumption by 90% at minimum!
  • Our hydronic appliance design (U.S. Patent 10,690,356 – Canada to follow) is the new performance standard.  We challenge ANY hydronic engineer, heating technician or installer to surpass it’s performance!
  • A modular, application-specific configured, durable (all cast iron, steel-piped, brass/bronze-valved) and optimized hydronic heating appliance. Innate natural, highest water chemistry, magnetite alleviation and thermal shock resistance. No Copper Pipes or Fittings are used within our Appliance — None!
  • Our Appliance is fully IPS (female pipe fitting) terminated, permitting inter-piping selection of hard pipe, soft or hard copper, or PEX …. at your installation option.
  • Configured by a serviceman of 60+ years experience for optimized servicing efficiency. Every control and service component is within an arm’s reach! We feature “No purge” supply/return service. Uses all Standard American Heating Service Components, available at any Trade Shop.
  • Premium American Hydronic Technology coupled with our assembly expertise provide you with the most durable, highest performing, and best value on the market ….. bar none!

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