——— Raising the Hydronic Heating Efficiency Standard by re-applying Natural, Gravity-Assisted Convection ———

The Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating APPLIANCE!

U.S. Patent 10,690,356 – Canada Application 2,964,131

OUR PRODUCT: The Industry’s first, full-patented Hot Water Heating APPLIANCE, comprising over 95% of a typical boiler system’s installation value. Merely locate and complete the connections to your existing (or proposed) piping and wiring. Also interchangeably Oil or Gas Burner-fired, at your option!

THE TECHNOLOGY: Applying advanced Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution Technology by Taco® Comfort Solutions™ with fundamental hydronic physics emulates the innately efficient gravity convection (zero energy) system of a century past. It is so efficient in fact that we openly challenge any contemporary system installation to meet its performance.

PERFORMANCE: Our “Neo-Gravity Hydronic Heating Appliance™” featuring the now Commercially Rated Cast-Iron Weil-McLain UO Boiler operates at innately more efficient lower system operating temperatures while reducing fuel and electrical energy consumption. It will also provide continuous Domestic Hot Water Service (with the IWH Option as pictured) and reduced area heating in selective operational fail modes. Try that with any other system! Our “Beta Testing” numbers to date: Now with over 55 system-installed-years and 200,000 hours operation on our “Betas” without a single system-related service interruption ….. NONE! We also project an economic life of well over 30 years — twice that of any “low-mass”, “condensing” or “on-demand” heating system, and at a significantly lower installed cost. No “Planned Obsolescence” here ….. Built like a Tank!

EFFICIENCY: The attendant photo depicts our complete appliance (with the DHW Heater option) as typically installed. Simple, durable and efficient hot water (hydronic) heating ….. Period! Less materials, labor, floor-space, complexity and energy required for superior performance, and service is a snap. So don’t be impressed nor intimidated by those seemingly complex installed hydronic heating systems. All that “pretty piping and wiring” that we call “The Plumber’s Playground©” actually increases your system energy load while reducing its performance! Need Proof?: Place an Electrical Watt-Meter on your current heating circulation circuit. We consume only 8 to 13 watts while heating, a minimum 90% reduction over any contemporary system.

COMMENT: Traditional cast-iron boiler-based (gravity) heating has never been fully “optimized”. To the contrary the hydronic industry has evolved into a grouping of hydronic component suppliers. Their Boiler Piping & Wiring Diagrams provide only a proposed schematic with no process optimization potential. Thus the contemporary inefficient and wasteful build-on-site practices with varying results. A logical, technical, process Appliance evolution providing “Law & Order” and process efficiency potential just didn’t happen ….. until now!

DISCLOSURE: Taco® Comfort Solutions™ has provided us with direct Delta-T ECM application development support. Thank You!

NOTE: Total Heating Performance is the AGGREGATE of Boiler AFUE, Distribution and Radiation Efficiencies!

Our “Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance™” optimizes Forced Hot Water Heating —– It’s just “Naturally Efficient”!

Our Neo-Gravity Hydronic Heating Appliance™, tailored to your application, is available directly by Contractors, Consumers and Trade Personnel alike.


1. Check any boiler manufacturer’s water condition warranted demands ….. VERY CAREFULLY! Then compare it with Weil-McLain’s UO Series Boiler Warranty. No “Magnetite Alleviation” or “Return Water Tempering” issues with this super-heavyweight, naturally scavenging, Commercially-Rated Weil-McLain UO-Series Boiler – this “beast” is built to last!

2. Try this: Divide the Cost of a Boiler by its Shipping Weight to determine its approximate Cost per Pound. The Weil-McLain UO is 1/2 to 2/3rds that of ANY American or Foreign Boiler! Now, just what are you buying? Durability or ….. ???

 Our Slogan: “We put ‘Automatic Transmissions’ on Boilers!“™

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