All individual manufacturer component warranties apply!

There is no warranted differentiation between our “Appliance” and any “Built-On-Site” Heating System installations.


Weil-McLain Ultra UO Boilers are all 20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranted, 2 yrs on other parts.

Beckett Oil Burner(s) are Parts & Workmanship 5 Year Warranted.

HTP Products SuperStor Max All-Stainless Indirect Water Heaters are Fully Owner Lifetime Warranted!

Taco, Inc. Products are typically 1 to 2 Year Warranted, but check specific items on their website. They typically live much longer in use however.

Watts Water Technologies Valves are typically 1 Year Warranted, but check specific items on their website.

We additionally warrant our assembly workmanship for one year.


  1. From our own and manufacturer’s field experience we would expect a 30 year plus Economic Service Life on the Weil-McLain® UO Series Cast Iron Boiler. Although not warrantied, Weil-McLain® intimates this in some of their other product videos and we certainly concur from our field experience.
  2. We have installed All-Stainless HTP Products “SuperStors” exclusively for over 20 years now, with not a single incident. They will likely out live us all!
  3. Taco Comfort Solutions® Hydronic Products are our components-of-choice. We love them and they love us.
  4. We don’t like service calls, and neither do our customers.


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