Boilers On Demand LLC is the resultant of over a half-century of Applied Manufacturing Engineering and Hydronic Heating effort by our Principal, Paul D. Mercier, Sr. Beginning as a teenager in a family Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Jobber Business, he pursued a life-career as a Consulting “Hi-Tech” Manufacturing Engineer while also “keeping his hands dirty” in the Mechanical Trades.

Recent developments in hydronic heating were recognized as having extended potential, and in particular the Delta-T ECM Hydronic Circulator by Taco Comfort Solutions®. A focused ten-year effort in hydronic heating distribution development ensued, resulting in the recently issued U.S. Patent 10,690,356, entitled “ENHANCED CONVECTION, DIFFERENTIAL TEMPERATURE MANAGED, HYDRONIC HEATING APPLIANCE”. To use his phraseology, this is “like putting an ‘Automatic Transmission” on a Boiler”, as it truly is!

The result is our initial product, the “Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance (TM)”. This “Appliance” is a Hydronics Industry First, providing both a cost-effective and superlative performing alternative to traditional, inefficient “build-on-site” trade practices. In fact we challenge ANYONE to beat in particular the distribution energy efficiency and extended fail-safe heating attributes provided by integrating natural gravity convection with delta-t distribution. You just can’t beat Mother Nature!

An extensive Heating Blog Library on our site is the result of our “hands on” heating efforts. Enjoy. -pdm