We are the developers and providers of the “Enhanced Convection, Differential Temperature Managed, Hydronic Heating Appliance” – (U.S. Patent 10,690,356 – Canada to follow). It is being marketed as the “Neo-Gravity Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance™”, having incorporated Biomimicry Techniques of natural hydronic (gravity) convection emulation in its development.

Our products fully integrate revolutionary Taco Comfort Solutions® Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution Technology and  Weil-McLain® UO Series High-Mass, Triple-Pass Boiler using our proprietary near-boiler piping system. The result is a pre-built, stand-alone package appliance that optimizes heating energy generation and distribution efficiency. Our monitored, multiple “Beta Site” installations support our claims and provide the basis for our Patent(s). In fact, we challenge ANY heating system provider, installer or whomever to even match its energy performance!

This universal hydronic (FHW) central heating appliance serves a variety of applications.

  1. Fuel Selection: Interchangeable Power Burners are offered for #2 Heating Oil, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.
  2. Domestic Hot Water (DHW) generation with an integrated Indirect Water Heater.
  3. Extended DHW and reduced heating provision under selective fail conditions.
  4. Multiple Boiler integration capability for larger installations.
  5. External appliance provisions to integrate with hydronic wood, coal or solar sources for ideal distribution efficiency.

Additional devices are contained within our Patent Submissions. They will be introduced exclusively on our Appliances as they become available.

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Updated: 10/17/2020