What about on-going maintenance and service thereafter?

Our Design Policy is based on the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)! All elements are industry standard, i.e. no manufacturer-specific controls or third-party add-ons. Everything is in Trade or Box Store Stock ….. everything. All controls, gauges, valves and adjustments are within an arm’s reach of the appliance front.

As a Heating Appliance Manufacturer we “service what we sell”, and always will. Similarly we do so as a regional (NH) installer.

Beyond this our Appliance(s) are installed, maintained and serviced by our Licensees or Certified Heating Technicians.

If the situation ever necessitates, Weil-McLain also maintains a nation-wide Service Referral Program on their site. Our On-Line System User’s Guide has Specialized Service Notes included that should be readily interpreted by any competent serviceman.

We also suggest reading our Heating Blog entry on “Selecting a Serviceman”.

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