What services do we offer?

We are essentially an “Appliance Manufacturer & Provider” and therefore our services can vary within our market outlets.

As a “modular” product we build and stock a variety of components, readily configurable to fulfill most applications.

Currently full product installations are within our local geographic region (NH) only, but subject to change.

Installations beyond this will be executed under the authorization and supervision of an appropriate, Locally-Licensed Installer. Typically this can be a Fuel Dealer Tradesman or Agent, a Licensed Tradesman Client or one engaged by a Customer (Consumer or Contractor) for this purpose. In all these cases a “Save Harmless Affidavit” of Code Compliance must be provided to us prior to initiation.

To potential Boilers On Demand Licensed Installers we will provide first delivery and subsequent training on our products.

Our website www.BoilersOnDemand.com contains Product Support Resources as follows:

  • Product Brochure(s)
  • Product Planning and Installation Guide
  • User Supplement(s)
  • Extensive Heating Blog Library
  • On-line Inquiry
  • Contact Information
  • Installer Training and Licensing Opportunities