This Blog, originally written in 2008 has been superseded by our subsequent development activity, culminating in a Non-Provisional Intelligent Property Protection Submission (Utility Patent) in the USA & Canada in April, 2017.

The original blog crossed out text following has been retained to witness our efforts in both timeline and content. The final submission attributes:

  1. A true hydronic appliance vs. the partially pre-built, conventional system described therein.
  2. New Delta-T ECM Hydronic Technology is fully integrated, dramatically reducing component content, increasing distribution efficiency and system performance.
  3. Gravity (Convection) Heating is optimized and provides innate, additional performance.
  4. A flexible, modular design, it is readily manufactured and provides excellent value with predictable performance.
  5. Prior and further proprietary design features have been fully integrated. Example: The “Iron Cross Manifold” has evolved into the “Compact Steel Hydronic Header” – Patent Pending.

The ENHANCED CONVECTION, DIFFERENTIAL TEMPERATURE MANAGED, HYDRONIC HEATING APPLIANCE™ Product Brochure on our website will further detail our effort. 

Amended 07/07/2017 P.D.M., Sr.

Modern, high efficiency hydronic (hot water) heating systems necessarily incorporate technological features that sophisticate them, particularly in the areas of controls and distribution. Whereas in the past one could make a few wiring connections and connect a few pipes, now the task may appear daunting. However, organizing these functions logically and employing selected hydronic and control components can result in both a sophisticated, yet simple system.

Mercier Engineering is dedicated to advancing hydronic heating applications by applying the benefits of over 50 years of “being in the trenches”, so to speak. As such we recognize that there are skilled DIY’s (Do-It-Yourselfers) and Contractors who have access to skills complimenting heating installations. Our contribution is to reduce the task to a manageable one in cooperation with our customer by providing a very cost-effective, packaged forced hot water heating system.

Since the introduction of Weil-McLain’s Ultra Series of Gas and Oil Boilers (click on our site links) and applying Taco’s renowned hydronic components and relays to them, we recognize the opportunity of readily “packaging” these products. This is further highlighted by the recent announcement of our “Iron Cross Manifold” (TM) System that efficiently configures multiple circulators and valving. Furthermore as service people ourselves this configuration is a serviceman’s pleasure, providing ready access and diagnostics for future eventualities. Note that this service is available ONLY on and limited to the Weil-McLain Ultra Series Products.

From client supplied site detail we build the boiler systems on the Weil-McLain Pallets, then knock them down for re-shipment. All shipments are F.O.B. Antrim, New Hampshire. Note that packaging limitations may preclude commercial freight and require arranging local pickup by the client.

To complete the installation the client will have to:

  1. Transit, de-palletize and position the system.
  2. Exhaust the boiler per manufacturer recommendations.
  3. Assemble the burner to the boiler (oil only).
  4. Extend fuel connection (gas piping or oil line) to the system.
  5. Extend 1/2″ water service to the input pressure regulator/backflow preventer.
  6. Connect the heating zone supplies and returns as applicable.
  7. Connect the thermostats to the control relay.
  8. Extend 110V 15A power service from the overhead thermal switch to the boiler service switch.
  9. Execute system fill, purge and start up procedures.

Also note that all permits, code compliance and inspection(s) are the responsibility of the client.

So, if you have been hesitant to upgrade and thought you just couldn’t afford a top-end Energy Star System, but have complementary skills at your disposal, this may be an answer to your dilemma.

Contact us to discuss your particular situation. As usual there is NO OBLIGATION.

About the Author

Paul Mercier

A Semi-Retired Manufacturing Process Development and Hydronics Engineer.
Following a stellar career in Computer Hardware & Software, Miniature Ball Bearing, Avionics & Panel Meters, Magnetics, Plasma, IC & Discrete Component and Product Manufacturing throughout New England, have re-focused on a second, parallel skill set in Hydronic Heating.
Received U.S. Patent 10,690,356 on an "ENHANCED CONVECTION, DIFFERENTIAL TEMPERATURE MANAGED, HYDRONIC HEATING APPLIANCE". It is America's first, true Hydronic Heating Appliance, enabled by Taco Delta-T ECM Hydronic Circulation coupled with our proprietary near-boiler piping system. The resultant is a simple, durable and efficient hydronic heating appliance that surpasses all contemporary built-on-site systems both in value and performance.

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