JUST ANNOUNCED: Taco, Inc. is now Taco Comfort Solutions under the Taco Group. (Note hyper-links.)

They are now functionally a privately-held Global Company with extended participation in new areas of hydronic technology. Reading their announcement link will familiarize you with their extending enterprise.

One area is the application of EDM Technology to residential level hydronic circulation. We have been installing and monitoring their “BumbleBee”, Viridian and now the OOe Series VT2218 Delta-T Circulators in our selective field installations for the past two years. Taco has recently become aware of our work and acknowledged its value in promoting Delta-T Hydronic Distribution Technology. With their collaboration we are now upgrading all of our field “beta” installations to the latest VT2218 OOe Series Circulator.

In the near future a documentary Trade Article will release to detail our personal efforts in applying and promoting EDM Delta-T Circulation Technology. We are resolute in promoting it as the evolutionary and revolutionary advance in Hydronic (FHW) Heating that it truly is.

Our thanks also extend to our patient and understanding “guinea pigs” (customers) who have supported us in this effort. Their ultimate reward is now having in our estimate the finest Residential Delta-T Hydronic Heating Systems on the market!