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America’s First Hydronic (Forced Hot Water) HeatingAPPLIANCE!

(Patents Pending – USA & Canada)

Conventional Appearance, with Unconventional Performance!

Boilers On Demand LLC is truly revolutionizing Hydronic (Forced Hot Water) Heating Installations by replacing the traditional skilled technician built-on-site, piece-by-piece system with a performance-optimized Appliance! Dramatic material, labor and space reductions are immediately realized with guaranteed, superlative performance. Merely position our application-specific, free-standing Appliance and connect directly to your piping and wiring utilities.

Contemporary methods give no consideration to hydronic distribution or radiation efficiencies in their execution! All that superfluous “pretty piping and wiring” actually increases the energy load on a system, reduces its performance, while taking money out of the consumer’s pocket throughout its operational life ….. knowingly or not!

By fully integrating advanced Taco® Delta-T ECM Hydronics, Weil-McLain® Cast-Iron “High-Mass” Boilers with our proprietary piping methods and devices we provide a simple, durable and efficient Convection Enhanced Delta-T ECM Hydronic (Forced Hot Water) Heating Appliance™. Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution reduces your total energy requirements, both fuel and electrical!

— Total Heating System Efficiency is the AGGREGATE of Boiler AFUE, Distribution AND Radiation Efficiencies! —

“THE HANDY HEADER™”feature added to our modular-constructed, designed-for-manufacture product contributes to the simplest, most durable and cost-effective Hydronic (Forced Hot Water) Heating System on the market ….. PERIOD! No guarantee, but our heavy cast-iron/steel/brass/bronze system construction suggests an economic life of 30+ years — twice that or more of any “low-mass” or “on-demand” heating system. In fact our multiple, monitored “beta site” installations have now accrued well over twenty system-years of flawless operation, i.e. no system-related service calls!

SUGGESTION: Check any boiler manufacturer’s water condition warranted demands ….. VERY CAREFULLY! Compare them with Weil-McLain’s UO Series Boiler Warrantyand our All Malleable-Cast-Steel Constructed Appliance. Built to last!

Our Appliance is also interchangeably fired by #2 Fuel Oil, Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP)! No longer are heating systems necessarily built fuel-specific and thus non-compatible. To change the fuel —– change the burner only

DISCLOSURE: Taco Comfort Solutions® provides us with direct engineering technical application support in developing the Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution market.

A Hydronic Heating Package, tailored to your application(s), is available directly to both Consumers and Trade Personnel alike. Check our Pricing Schedule herein. Future Dealer Licensing Inquiries are also welcomed.


 Our Slogan: “We put ‘Automatic Transmissions’ on Boilers!


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