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A 4-Zone, Modular-built, “Neo-Gravity Hydronic Heating Appliance (TM)” as completed. (Beta #7). It uses 7-9 Watts of Delta-T ECM Circulation Energy when heating. The Boiler, Supply And Return Modules follow to detail construction. Note: A SSU-45 “Superstor” Indirect Water Heater has since been added to further optimize the system.

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System Layout From this vantage point all system displays, controls & service points are visible and accessible within an arm's length. A Serviceman's Dream! With Indirect Water Heater (SuperStor) System occupies a space 4 Feet Wide x 3 Feet Deep, plus 1 Foot Burner Protrusion. Boiler spacing from chimney/wall is 11 to 15 Inches, depending upon flue/vent outlet configuration. Note: An optional back-to-back, along-a-wall configuration is possible, occupying a 5-1/2 to 7 Foot by 2 Foot Deep Space, depending upon boiler and water heater sizing and site physicals.