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Product Description

The Packaged Delta-T ECM Hydronic (Oil) Heating Appliance™

(Patents Pending – USA & Canada)

The Product:

  • A virtually pre-built, free-standing Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance for efficient “on demand” builds or upgrades!  (See our Site Planning & Installation Guide for further detail.)
  • The first fully integrated, dedicated Delta-T ECM Circulator-based Hydronic (FHW) Heating/Domestic Hot Water Appliance. Predictable performance at a price.
  • Built on the rock solid Weil-McLain® Ultra Oil “High-Mass”, “Triple-Pass” Boilers.  “Weils” have arguably been the finest American-Built Boilers for generations, the premium choice of heating professionals.
  • We apply Taco® Comfort Solutions “Delta-T” (ΔT) ECM Hydronic Distribution Technology from America’s premier supplier to maintain ideal settings and performance of both hydronics and electrical operation.
  • Integrated with an HTP® SuperStor Ultra Stainless Water Heater for a lifetime of trouble-free DHW Generation!
  • Our design has hydronically optimized (proprietary) near-boiler piping for heat generation to distribution points, including convective (gravity) heating fail-safe operation. We challenge ANY plumber, heating technician or installer to surpass us!
  • By combining innate Boiler and Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distribution efficiency (as  published by Taco® Comfort Solutions) we can claim both the first and the most efficient Hydronic (FHW) Heating Appliance on the market!
  • A high-mass boiler with integral delta-t distribution lowers system operating temperatures, further reducing “idle time” heat losses while increasing overall thermal efficiency. System duty cycling is notably decreased as well.
  • A high-mass cast-iron boiler paired with steel pipe, malleable fitting, brass & bronze valving construction for extreme durability and lengthy chemical service life. (NO COPPER PIPES OR FITTINGS are used in our package design.)
  • All piping terminations are IPS (female pipe fittings), allowing hard pipe, soft/hard copper, or PEX inter-connection …. at your option.
  • Designed for service efficiency by a tradesman of 60+ years experience. Everything is accessible within an arms reach!

*Specifications are subject to change upon availability of newer/better products from these manufacturers. Lesser products will not be incorporated.

Simple, Durable, Efficient FHW Heating — Period!