“THE HANDY HEADER™” – Building Block to Hydronic Distribution Efficiency

Boilers On Demand LLC is pleased to announce “The Handy Header™”, entitled “THE COMPACT STEEL HYDRONIC HEADER” in our Patent Submission. It is the first of several proprietary devices that contribute to the documented performance of our first, true Delta-T ECM Hydronic (Forced Hot Water) Heating Appliance (Patents Pending – USA & Canada).

The “Compact Steel Hydronic Header” is a redefinition of the common welded steel-piped boiler header, but optimized for hydronic performance and utilitarian value. Design compaction reduces the size and material content of current headers by approximately 40 percent while increasing hydronic distribution (flow) efficiency proportionally at minimum.

Designed specifically to minimally space and orient Taco® “Zone Sentry” Valves, it supersedes the need for a Valve or Circulator Relay Panel on our Delta-T ECM Circulator-based systems. It has similar value on “conventional” heating system installations, however we are initially offering The Handy Header™ System only on our products.

The “Compact Steel Hydronic Header” is the “building block” for a series of logical derivatives as follow:

1. The Compact Header – The Base

2. Zone Valve Assembly (Pre-Built)

3. Hydronic Distributor (Pre-Built)

4. Miscellaneous Applications

The Compact Steel Header System is utilized on both our Modular Supply and Return Assemblies, configured to the Client Application.

The Delta-T ECM Hydronic Distributor (our naming) is uniquely applicable to our larger, Multi-Boiler Systems. A series of these can be branched off the System Supply Log to suit extended installation requirements.

Additional device announcements to follow upon prior qualification.

Refer to our website BoilersOnDemand.com for additional details.